With over 22 years experience, Coplan Limited offers a one-stop shop service providing safety and peace of mind for all hand tool and work shop requirements.

Welcome to Coplan Limited

Coplan Limited is now the UK’s leading provider for all hand tool and workshop solutions, protective solutions and foaming solutions for the aerospace and automotive industries. Products within these solutions include supplying front-end covers, wing covers, seat covers, grille covers, bonnet covers, windscreen covers, floor trays, mechanics and kneeling mats for the automotive industry as well as all tool control solutions and special foaming requirements for the Aerospace, F1, Food, Health and other industries.

With over 22 years experience, Coplan Limited offers a one-stop shop service providing safety and peace of mind for all hand tool and work shop requirements. Our solutions include:
Visual Tool Control (V.T.C) – Enables at a glance the identification of missing tools through the use of hand tools sitting in bi-colour foam (resistant to skydrol)

Electronic Swipe Access Tool Control (E.A.T.C) – Adopting the same principles as Visual Tool Control, yet this solution also reduces the risk of cross tool contamination as access to the tool cabinets are only permitted to a designated swipe access card holders – thus increasing the control and accountability

Intelligent Tool Control (I.T.C) – THE HOLY GRAIL – Just like Visual and Electronic Access Tool Control, yet every tool from a pin-locked cabinet can be wirelessly computer tracked and real time logged at all times.

Tool ID tags to identify specific cavities – allows quick reference of tool part numbers

Laser marking of tools – allows you to mark individual tools to a specific job, work station or to individuals without flaking or breaking the tool warranty

Colour coded sleeves – can allocate tools to a work station by its colour
Our products & services provide a much needed gap bridging tool for the ICAO Annex 6, that requires all operators to implement a Safety Management System and the latest changes and requirements for the EASA / CAA P145 licence that will improve Tool FOD safety within the MRO workplace. The benefits include:
Complying with the EASA and ICAO requirements – Ignorance could result in a flight ban or loss of MRO license

Minimises Safety Hazards – To help reduce human error, our solutions assist the engineer to reduce maintenance errors and in particular inadequate or poor hand tool control

Reducing The Actual Cost of Replacing A Damaged Part – How much does it cost to replace a rotary blade, fan case or engine section as a direct result of a hand tool FOD accident/incident

A Solution payback – Have you ever considered the cost involved for ‘down time’ when looking for a lost tool, also the amount of people involved and the cost of replacing a lost tool

A Unique Selling Point – By educating your customer about Tool FOD along with demonstrating your current systems of Best Practice, will offer reassurance and peace of mind. How much will your customer pay for that knowledge or insight? If you are standing out from your competitors and demonstrating your personal value for a customer’s life or asset, this can often win new customers or sustain business as a direct result

Minimise An Insurance Payout – If a solution reduces the risk of tool FOD then the chance of a claim also reduces as a result

Reducing you indemnity insurance – By adapting current best practices as outlined within the EASA and ICAO guidelines, may help to reduce your indemnity insurance by demonstrating your identification of safety hazards including tool control and adopting new preventative systems as a result
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