About Us

Coplan Limited was established in 1987, originally as a packaging design company, then there was the move into the design and supply of wing covers, seat covers and various protective items to the automotive sector. Since then we have developed as one of the leading designers and producers of foam tool control and other foam based protective products.

FOD – Foreign Object Debris/Damage

"Tool FOD" is a serious hazard caused by tools left inside the aircraft after servicing. Tools can get tangled in control cables, jam moving parts, short out electrical connections, or otherwise interfere with a safe flight.

FOD costs the aerospace industry $4 billion USD per year and causes expensive, significant damage every year to aircraft and parts and may cause death and injury to workers, pilots and passengers.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_object_damage

In 1997 the cost of Tool FOD in the aviation sector was rising sharply and Coplan Limited believed that they could help to relieve such costs. By talking to aviation specialists, carrying out extensive product research & development and using existing experience, Coplan Limited were able to provide a unique way of cutting and routing foam that provided a much needed controlling tooling alternative.

The unique composite of Polyethylene Foams (resistant to Skydrol) saw the rise of Coplan’s patented foam solutions.

Such solutions include our universally acclaimed:

• Intelligent Tool Control (ITC) where every tool from a pin-locked cabinet can be computer tracked and logged at all times bvvn awithout the use of RF Tags or Bar Codes.
• Visual Tool Control (VTC) enables at a glance the identification of missing tools.
• Mobile Asset Tracking Systems (MAT) are Tool Bags specifically designed to reduce the risk of Foreign Object Debris.

Our products offer Total Tool Security, in the air, on the road, in the workplace! With over 15 years experience in the supply of FOD Control, Coplan Limited offers a ‘one stop shop’ for all hand tool requirements from consultancy to complete design and supply.

Not only does Coplan Limited provide a means to minimise FOD costs within the aviation industry, yet our Visual Tool Control has reached new heights as we now offer and provide practical solutions to a wide range of both franchised and independent major car dealers.

Our success has seen the business grow in strength and depth and is now a recognised and preferred supplier within the all UK markets offering many bespoke solutions to meet individual needs.